Tuesday 29 April 2014

Zettics acquires Velocent


Operators can now leverage a single analytics suite to deliver significant business improvement in network, customer care, marketing, and 3rd party monetization 
Concord, MA – 29 April 2014 – Zettics, the market leader in Actionable Subscriber Analytics for mobile operators, today announced it has acquired Velocent Systems. The combined entity will provide a subscriber-centric, real-time analytics suite that integrates data usage, network performance, and customer experience metrics into a single, unified view for the operator. Having these data sets in one solution will allow operators to realize unique business benefits that were previously unavailable in the market.
Commenting on the acquisition, Sterling Wilson, President and CEO of Zettics said, “Velocent is the market leader in network analysis and Customer Experience Assurance (CEA) for mobile data. Combining Velocent’s capabilities with Zettics’ deep expertise in analyzing data usage for marketing, care and monetization results in a world-class solution for operators.  Both companies have complementary technology, customers, and employees that together will deliver unprecedented business improvement to operators worldwide.”
Zettics technology will now derive an unparalleled amount of unique intelligence from a combination of a subscriber’s data usage and corresponding network performance. This includes behavioral metrics (engagement, interests, and segmentation) combined with experiential metrics (latency, throughput, and tonnage) across a variety of apps and services such as browsing, video, audio, and VoLTE. Zettics enables this business critical information to be accessed through an interactive UI, a low-latency API, or integrated via real-time alarms or extracts into operator systems. Multiple tier-1 operators across the world use Zettics and Velocent to improve their business today.
Operators will finally have the tools they need to simultaneously understand their network performance, along with their subscribers’ experience, behavioral trends and consumption patterns. By effectively and efficiently monitoring both the data and evolving VoLTE networks, operators will be able to deliver a truly enhanced customer experience,” said Ian Herbert-Jones, Velocent’s CEO.
The transaction closed on April 25th, 2014. Zettics is headquartered in Concord, Massachusetts with offices, partners, and major operator customers across the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific. Sterling Wilson and Asa Kalavade will continue in their roles as President/CEO and CTO/SVP of Products, respectively. Ian Herbert-Jones, Velocent’s CEO, will assume the position of Zettics’ SVP of Business Development and Channel Management, and Velocent’s CTO, Stephen Douglas, will assume the position of VP Technology.
About Zettics
Zettics, the leader in Actionable Subscriber Analytics, delivers immediate insights that drive significant business improvement and subscriber value. These real-time insights deliver a 360° subscriber view of data usage, network performance and customer experience, enabling operators to extract greater value from their networks, products, and services, while fully complying with subscriber privacy policies. Operators that choose Zettics generate new revenues, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce costs.
Zettics’ patented technology powers a unified suite of subscriber-centric analytics solutions for network, marketing, care and data monetization business units. Operators are already using Zettics to reduce churn, improve customer care, monetize data with third parties, reduce and prioritize infrastructure investments, segment their users for advanced marketing, enrich their CRM systems, analyze pricing plans, enhance advertising offers, and more.
Zettics technology is deployed with leading operators in the world, processing trillions of records monthly. Zettics has offices worldwide and its investors include North Bridge Venture Partners, Voyager Capital, Steamboat Ventures, Emergence Capital, Excelestar Ventures, DRW Trading Group, and Jump Capital.

Monday 28 April 2014

Hadoop Learnings

Hadoop Tutorial: Intro to HDFS

Sameer Farooqui gives a very clear overview of the Hadoop Distributed File System. 33:35 - 5*

Microsoft .NET SDK for Hadoop

Yay!  Microsoft really believes in Hadoop...  4*

Low latency OLAP with HBase

Presentation on implementing OLAP-like functionality in HBase.  Not entirely convinced... 2*

Saturday 12 April 2014

Setting up a new MVC4 app on a fresh machine

For Windows Server 2008 R2, first set up Web Deploy:
  1. Install IIS
  2. Download and install the Web Platform Installer (WPI)
  3. WPI: Install MVC4
  4. WPI: Install Management Service
  5. In the Services app, set the Web Management Service to start automatically but don't start it yet
  6. (Re)start the IIS Manager
  7. Select the server node and in the bottom part of the main pane will be an icon "Management Service".  Double-click that
  8. Enable remote connections (setting up security as appropriate)
  9. Install Web Deploy 3.5 using the download, not the WebPI (if you did this earlier, you may have to change it in "Add/Remove Programs" to ensure that all features are enabled and restart IIS
  10. Create new website with an appropriate App Pool (.NET 4)
  11. In Visual Studio on the remote machine, publish the app using Web Deploy and validate the connection
  12. Accept the security certificate
  13. Re-register ASP.NET with c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\aspnet_regiis.exe -i
  14. Create a new MVC4 app in Visual Studio with Razor
  15. Publish!
Lovely - you should now be able to run you app.  However... You will want these NuGet packages, which you can install from the Package Manager Console: