Monday 26 January 2015

Explore Filmmaking from Script to Screen

I'm really looking forward to starting a free online course "Explore Filmmaking from Script to Screen", in co-ordination with the National Film and Television School.

To check it out, or to sign up go to:

Tuesday 13 January 2015

Our Loft Conversion

Our Loft conversion is now complete!

We went with Charles Grosvenor and the quality of the work and their approach was excellent.  As with most building work, local contractors are used for specific jobs (plumbing, decoration etc.)

My general advice:
1. Get the initial specification right;
2. Maintain good communications throughout the project; and
3. Maintain a detailed "snagging list" as the project goes on
4. Put some contingency aside (in our case, about 10%)

Snags were remedied without any fuss, even "ooh look - there's a bit of a chip here"!

Putting some contingency aside is a must for things that we did not think of when agreeing the original specification.  You WILL change your mind and ask for extra things.  If these are outside of the initial specification, you will be charged extra, whoever you go with!

The new room is called "The Nest" and is our favourite room in the house!  We have a really nifty sofabed up there, the dolls house, all the musical instruments, a desk with computer/printer and loads of storage.  There is also an extra bathroom with loo and a generous (900mmx1000mm) shower.