Thursday 11 July 2013

Littlewick Green local exchange enabled for Superfast Fibre Broadband

Littlewick Green local exchange (near Maidenhead, UK) has been enabled for Superfast / Fibre / FTTC Broadband!


Details available at Sam Knows.

The availability seems to depend on whether they have got round to upgrading your local cabinet yet.  You can check whether your line is enabled at

My favourite ISP is Zen and I've gone for their Fibre Pro package (200GB monthly, up to 76Mbps downlink [likely 48Mbps], up to 19Mbps uplink [likely 10Mbps]).  See for details.

Any ISP should be able to offer you some sort of FTTC service - call yours now!

I also have an LLU line with O2, though it's not clear whether they're offering FTTC yet.  I will probably keep that one as a backup, though I may just ditch it.

The results are in!

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