Monday 3 July 2017

Soma FM Player

Free music directly to your system tray! And it's open source...

The project is here:

You can download the binary from here:

There's a pretty installer:

...then the thing sits in your system tray with the lovely SomaFM red S:

Start-up instructions:
  1. Press [Windows Key] and type Soma
  2. Press return when the SomaFM [S] appears.

Operating instructions:
  • Left click to stop (the [S] turns green), left click again to start (the [S] turns red again).
  • Right click to change channel and modify settings.
  • Media keys will work if enabled (the default), including mute, play, volume up and down.
  • Right click and Click Exit to quit.
Upgrade instructions: 
  1. Exit as per instructions, above
  2. Run the later version of the installer.

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