Thursday 17 December 2020

Dear Santa Pune,

I have been a good boy this year.

For Christmas 2021, I would like:

  • Custom Properties on all entities (including ability to filter via the REST API) so that System Integration is actually possible.
  • V3 of the REST API published, and under SEMVER
  • The broken Alerting API to be fixed (see various other FEED tickets)
  • The UI to finally be self-consistent (either back with the old style or with the new style - I really don't care)
  • To receive a reference number when I send a support/feedback ticket and to be able to track its progress via the UI
  • Themes / Dark Mode
  • A machine-readable Audit Log for ALL Create/Update/Delete actions with a published, consistent JSON schema

I hope you are able to deliver all the releases to the good boys and girls.

Happy Christmas,


p.s. Also:

  • A last_updated field on all entities

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