Sunday, 8 May 2022


Another Whole New World (Mars)

While "Earth 2" is out for repairs, I bought a temporary replacement machine on Amazon next day delivery.  It's smaller than Earth2, so it's called "Mars".


Choco is no longer the way to go, so let's try to get everything back in using winget....


winget install -e -h Google.Chrome
winget install -e -h Valve.Steam
winget install -e -h Microsoft.VisualStudioCode
winget install -e -h Ditto.Ditto
winget install -e -h Git.Git
winget install -e -h Mozilla.Firefox
winget install -e -h Github.GithubDesktop
winget install -e -h 7zip.7zip
winget install -e -h VideoLAN.VLC
winget install -e -h Notepad++.Notepad++
winget install -e -h Foxit.FoxitReader
winget install -e -h Zoom.Zoom
winget install -e -h 
winget install -e -h Docker.DockerDesktop
winget install -e -h Greenshot.Greenshot
winget install -e -h Audacity.Audacity
winget install -e -h Postman.Postman
winget install -e -h Microsoft.PowerToys
winget install -e -h WhatsApp.WhatsApp
winget install -e -h BlenderFoundation.Blender
winget install -e -h Discord.Discord
winget install -e -h KeePassXCTeam.KeePassXC
winget install -e -h PostgreSQL.pgAdmin
winget install -e -h Microsoft.SQLServerManagementStudio
winget install -e -h JanDeDobbeleer.OhMyPosh
winget install -e -h Microsoft.MouseWithoutBorders
REM SysInternals: Process Explorer etc.
winget install -e -h 9P7KNL5RWT25
REM Windows Terminal
winget install -e -h 9N0DX20HK701
winget install -e -h Microsoft.Teams
winget install -e -h Elgato.StreamDeck
winget install -e -h NathanBeals.WinSSH-Pageant
winget install -e -h Toggl.TogglDesktop

Other downloads

These are not covered by winget and should be installed using Google and old-school downloading.
  • Visual Studio Community 2022
  • Paint.NET
  • Fiddler
  • KiTTY
  • StreamDeck
  • WiX Toolset
  • Davinci Resolve

Oh My Posh

Oh my posh provides a better Windows Terminal experience, but the following additional steps are required:
  • Install CaskaydiaCove Nerd Font
In WT, go to settings and edit the JSON file.  Add the following to the Defaults:

       "defaults": {
            "font": {
                "face": "CaskaydiaCove Nerd Font"

Private key management

Set-Service -Name ssh-agent -StartupType Automatic
ssh-agent bash
ssh-add <keyname>.private.rsa

Docker desktop

To get Docker working:

wsl --set-default-version 2
docker run --name rabbitmq bitnami/rabbitmq:latest
docker run --name postgres -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=mysecretpassword -e PGDATA=/var/lib/postgresql/data/pgdata -v "C:/users/david/Postgres Data:/var/lib/postgresql/data" -d postgres

Visual Studio Extensions

Add all the good Visual Studio Extensions:

  • Add New File
  • Bootstrap Snippet Pack
  • Case Converter 2022
  • EditorConfig Language Service
  • File Icons
  • Git Diff Margin
  • Inheritance Margin
  • Markdown Editor
  • Match Margin
  • NamespaceFixer
  • Hgrok Extensions
  • Open Command Line
  • Solution Error Visualizer
  • SwitchStartupPorject for VS 2019
  • Time Stamp Margin
  • Trailing Whitespace Visualizer
  • Viasfora
  • Visual Studio Spell Checker (VS2017 and Later)
  • Wix Toolset Visual Studio 2019 Extension


  • Visible white space
    • Enable with Ctrl R, Ctrl-W
    • Make less harsh on the eyes by moving the saturation to ~50% of its default value
  • Set Cascadia Code to be the default Font
  • Move the Solution Explorer back to the left hand side

Data transfer

Data transfer will be fun - there's so much on my old PC, so I have that running at a second desk in case I need something in a hurry.

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