Thursday 4 October 2012

Incompetence and Inflexibility at Currys

So I've gone to Currys in Bracknell and ordered two fridge freezers.  One to replace mine, one to replace my father's.  Two separate transactions.  I shook the hand of the guy who processed the order and hoped he got a good chunk of commission.  I'd arranged for them to be delivered to two different addresses (mine and my fathers).  Mine was due to be delivered first.  It was.  It's lovely.  We love it. 

My fathers...  Geez.

My father's was due to be delivered today between 3pm and 7pm.  Instructions were given to call my mobile and not my father's landline.  I was working this morning so was unable to pick up 3 or 4 times when my father was trying to call me at about 10am.  I call him back and he says that he has been contacted (WHY?) to say that the delivery was now going to be between 11:30am and 12:30pm (WHY?).  "Grrr." I thought, but sighed and drove over there in time of the 11:30 delivery slot.  We get a call to his landline (WHY?) at about 12 to say that it's going to be there in 10 minutes.  Fine - I go downstairs (he lives in a flat) and wait for them.

I then get a call to my mobile to say that the goods have been delivered to the billing address (WHY?).  I say that there's obviously some mistake ask them to deliver to my father's address, 10 minutes down the road.  They refuse (WHY?).  I escalate two levels.  1/2 hour later I'm still on the phone at my father's trying to convince them to redeliver (they could have done so in that time) but to no avail.  I got one operator to admit that it was more than his job was worth.  The warehouse manager effectively said "the computer says no" and again, was inflexible to getting the delivery changed to the right address in the pre-arranged delivery slot because it was out of their region and the goods had to back to the depot and a different fridge freezer sent from another depot (I guess because the correct delivery address was a "RG" Reading postcode instead of my "SL" Maidenhead postcode.

Everyone I spoke to on the phone was courteous throughout, despite my increasing incredulity at their responses.  They were "just doing their jobs" (as defined by Currys).

So, net result it that:
  • I'm two half days' income out of pocket (1/2 day today and 1/2 day tomorrow that I have to take out of my day to be there when it's scheduled for redelivery)
  • I am getting a refund on the delivery charge.
  • I'm angry enough at Currys' general incompetence and inflexibility to blog about it
So, when ordering from Currys (which I'm not intending on doing EVER again), beware that the Currys delivery system (IT + processes), is incompetent and inflexible.
The issue has been traced back to the point of sale (the wrong checkbox was clicked or similar).

In my view, Currys need to correct the following:
  • Staff training at the Currys Bracknell store
  • Their distribution system's flexibility to mistakes (IT, people and processes)


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