Monday 1 October 2012


Yes, Windows 8 has some nice new features.  However the new "not Metro" UI sucks HARD for desktop users.  Here are my reasons for hating what happens when you hit the Start button in Windows 8 on a desktop machine:
  • THE WHOLE SCREEN!!! ARGH! MY EYES!  Really Microsoft?  Seriously, I developed a twitch when hitting the Windows button.
  • When I start Windows, I have to click on "Desktop".  Why?  ALL my apps are desktop apps.
  • The new apps are rubbish and take up the whole screen.
  • How on Earth do you turn off the machine?  Not intuitive
Fortunately, the lovely people at Stardock created Start8.  Currently in Beta, Start8 makes the Windows 8 start button experience sane again (i.e. almost identical to the Windows 7 experience).

I would strongly encourage desktop users to install this. OEMs - please work with Stardock to build the "Classic Windows feel" into desktop machines.  You will be doing your customers a huge favour.

A few minor issues:
  • Currently, typing [Start]C:\[Return] doesn't do what it does in Windows 7.  I expect them to fix this "bug" (as I see it) soon.
  • There is no word yet on pricing.  I'd expect a £15/$20 price point - we'll have to wait and see. Pricing is $4.99 if you order while in Beta.


  1. Your two links to 'Stardock' goes to

  2. Classic Shell is better. Very responsive, open source and customizable.

  3. @Anonymuos. With you there. I've moved over to Classic Shell. See later post.